Newbie: nail recipe???

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Newbie: nail recipe???

Hello Everybody,

I just henna my hair, but I saw here some awesome results on nails!!!!

Just one question from someone who has never used henna on body and nails..... do you have to terp the henna to get a better stain on the nails or is terping only to get stains on the skin???

Thanks beforehand!!

One more thing,  the artwork on hands and body of the pictures through the site and forum are awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I'm jealous you can create ;)

Bye Julia

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Re: Newbie: nail recipe???

If you use terped henna on nails, you'll get a darker, browner color.  If you don't terp, it'll be more orange-red.

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Re: Newbie: nail recipe???

 Is there any way to get more red and less orange?

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Re: Newbie: nail recipe???

from what I've read and seen, repeated applications. 

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