temporary tattoo in Cancun?

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temporary tattoo in Cancun?

I had a customer yesterday who wanted her temporary tattoo touched up.
She got it 3 weeks ago in Cancun.  It was black.  It was not a paste that had to be taken off later like jagua or 'black' henna,  The artist told her it was India ink, used a stencil and painted it on her skin.  There was no advice given to use baby powder to prolong the life of the tattoo.  Her brother had the same thing last year and said it lasted 6 months.  It did not look like Temptu.

Any ideas what it was?
Maybe I need to do some research in Cancun...

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Re: temporary tattoo in Cancun?

 I don't know but it sounds scary!

While working in a tatoo shop for a bit, we would hear rumors of some new kind of ink that would give a 6 month, semi temporary tattoo. Sometimes the rumor would be it was done with needles, or other times that it was painted on. Never did it turn out to be true though.

I just really don't know what it IS, but I'm sure you're as aware as I am that India Ink DIDN'T do it! Anyone who took a fine arts course of study would have spent a good part of their youth with mostly black skin from mid forearm to finger tip! (OK, I'm asuming EVERYONE is as sloppy as me, but you see my point!)

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