using henna on naturally curly hair

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using henna on naturally curly hair

Hi, I have used henna a couple times now and love it. Especially the fact that it's natural but I'm having a problem with my hair being drier than normal after using it. I have naturally curly hair (loose curls) and it seems to relax the curl, which I don't want it to do. I've put tons of conditioner on it, used amla, tea tree shampoo & conditioner & also egg & honey as a conditioner. Does anyone else have this problem & any ideas for solving it? Thanks!

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Re: using henna on naturally curly hair

Henna adds weight to the hair, and is the larger part of the reason it loosens curl. The smaller part has to do with the proteins in hair rearranging how they are connected to each other. That's the part that amla helps with. 

If your main goal in using henna is for color, you could just touch up your roots rather than applying to your whole head. This will add less new henna to your hair with each application and therefore less weight. Of course if your goal is conditioning, a root only treatment will only do part of the job.

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