Caster Semenya and gender

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Caster Semenya and gender


Caster Semenya has been 'cleared' and is now able to compete in international athletics. 

I found Caster's story interesting, notwithstanding some of the rude and offensive commentary, it was one of the highest profile discussions about the nature of gender of recent times. 

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Re: Caster Semenya and gender

I suspect the effort to resolve Semenya's case was complicated by history. I can remember when the USSR and "Soviet bloc" states were accused of doping their female athletes with male hormones to increase their performance. The facts about doping in East Germany became public after the re-unification.

The PBS network in the US produced a documentary about the East German doping program as part of their "Secrets of the Dead" documentary series.

Here's a link to the online video:

Here's a link to the transcript:

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