first event help please!

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first event help please!

Recently the mall where i live contacted me about doing an after hour teen event.  The idea is to pay me a hourly wage and for the henna to be of no charge to the teens.  i need to do as many henna designs that I can in the time that I have.  Last year they had about 2,000 teens show up for the event.  i am a bit stumped on how much to charge for each hour.  This is the first event that I will be doing and don't have experience with navigating mass people.  

Also I recently spoke with the manager about insurance for the event as well.  She said that they would pay for the insurance because I haven't really needed it in my practice yet.  What would be the best way to go about the insurance thing? Local insurance people or try an online company?  ANY suggestions or advice would be great! Thanks sooooooo much ladies for all your help!

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Re: first event help please!

The going hourly rate is 75-100 dollars per hour.

Don't short change yourself, thats ALOT of kids to henna, make

it worth your while.

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Re: first event help please!

Agreed, going rate is $75-100 with some outliers at either end. You should probably be charging in that range... as long as you can do 20 decent looking speedy designs in an hour then go for it!

If they expect you to henna 2,000 teens..............they should be having you call in for some SERIOUS backup and be hiring multiple henna artists.... If it's a 3 hour event, even if you do a design every 2 minutes (so 30 designs/hour), you can get to 90 kids.........not even 5%!...  Sounds like they should have veritable henna army.

I get my insurange through Specialty Insurance Agency aka Clowns of the US... some prefer other insurance but that is the easiest sure-thing company to go with who understands well what henna artists do. Try your local folks first and see if they can work something out for you, I guess - local is good.


Oh and if they are offering to pay for that insurance....... they have some DEEP pockets and want you REAL bad....use that to your advantage when deciding what to charge.... Keep in mind that the big national henna artist bookers they might go to would charge $150/hour...........

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Re: first event help please!

I would charge $150-125 an hour.  How I determined my rate was I looked at prices in my area for similar services. So for a local message therapist their rates are around $100 an hour. Then I added $25 for mileage because my coverage area is 50 miles from where I am located.  This is what I charge for everyone.  Anyone outside my area I charge an additional $0.50 a mile


Then give them a small break on each additional artist. Depending on the other activities I would suggest bringing several other artists to this event 2-3 artists and possibly a site manager.


For insurance check out:

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Re: first event help please!

is this thing up in z-ville, Ruby?  Our area tends to get persnickety at about the $100 mark for private parties, but if they'll pay ya $150, they really are desperate!  Take it and make sure that you can make them happy at that price.  And if you need a back-up, gimme a call, k? lol.

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