I need your educated opinion about PPD brown "henna"

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I need your educated opinion about PPD brown "henna"
A client of mine called me late last night to inform me that there is a lady who does great henna not too far from me, originally from India. Her henna is brown smells like “Eucalyptus oil and earth” left unbelievably strong stain. I asked her what she was advised for the aftercare, and she was told to peel it off after 45 minutes and to dab the stain with lemon juice. I asked her how did the paste felt on her skin-mind you she is supper allergic to many things, she said that it felt like a tingly sensation that she never had while my henna was covered by medical tape on her body for 8 hours. She was relieved to peel it off after 45 minutes, She said that my henna did not crack too soon while hers was too soon to crack, and taking off the paste was a bitch. My client asked her if she mixes her own batches, which that person said-never, she always buys ready fresh paste.   At any rate I advised her that she was lucky that she did not get a bad reaction like a black henna reaction, never the less that seems very suspicious indication of PPD that is dark brown rather than black.
What is your educated opinion?
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Re: I need your educated opinion about PPD brown "henna"

 Yes PPD can be brown rather than black and a strong brown stain that quick indicated its in the paste. When I visit schools and libraries I tell them that the best way to be sure about avoiding ppd is to ask the artist what color the stain will be when paste is first removed. Any answer other than orange is suspect and should be avoided. 

I also tell people to avoid henna that doesn't need to be on skin for at least 4 hours! In the case of amusement parks where they often use safe henna but tell people its done when it cracks/dries, the results are poor. Other times, like the woman you mention its ppd laced.

PPD does NOT have to be black. Black dyes have the highest concentrations, but browns still have dangerous levels an can be used to create a "henna" paste that gives a close to natrual color but gives UNnaturally quick stain.

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