watercolors pencils with indigo

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watercolors pencils with indigo

 Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had tried using watercolor pencils first to draw the design and then applied the indigo over that. Has it affected the stain? I've used watercolor pencils with henna before, and I noticed that did affect how well the henna dyed the skin. (I did two simple designs side by side on my thigh. The only difference between the two was that I applied watercolor pencil to one of them first. That one was ligher than the one without watercolor pencil.)

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Re: watercolors pencils with indigo

 The pencil is making a barrier on the skin that the henna has to penetrate. I don't think this would be a problem with indigo. You'll lay down your pencil lines, and add your first application of indigo. THen you'll rinse the pencil along with the first applicaiton of indigo. Even if the indigo couldn't get to skin as well as usual because of the pencil, now its gone and out of the way for the second or any other applications!

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