Zizyphus Spina Christi-ZSC- 1st treatment is bringing back my curl!

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Zizyphus Spina Christi-ZSC- 1st treatment is bringing back my curl!

I have long natural curlly hair which has become very dry, fuzzy (instead of curly) and brittle  from over processing, health issues and medications.. I was about to give up my long lock untill I tried ZSC!

Here is how I mixed it"

25g ZSC 

1 cup hot water

let this sit for 1 hour then added:

1teaspoon lime juice

1/4 cup plain yogurt ( with the fat not the fat free)

1 drop lavender EO

3 drops tea tree EO

I let the mixture set for another hour . I gave it another good mixing then...

 I sectioned my hair and instead of starting at the back as with henna, I started at  at the front and at the ends of each section  where my hair is the dryest and most brittle  and worked my way to the back .  I was careful to work it into each section well, from roots to ends. Once all of my hair was covered well I wond the length of  it on top of my head some what loosely and wraped my head in cling wrap ( as with henna) and a plastic shower cap. I  let this sit on my hair for an hour  then rinsed with warm ( as hot as I could stand it) water. It took a few minutes to wash every thing out and then while my hiar was wet I gently combed through it with a  wide tooth combe then rinsed one more time just to be sure it was all out.

After one treatment, my curls are returning,my frizzys ( even in todays humidity) are gone! My hair feels thicker and healthy again.The healthy shine has returned. My color wasn't changed in the least, my white hair( graying) is soft , not corse! And for the first time in at least a year I combed it this morning with out feeling hair breaking and pulling handfulls from my brush .

I wish I could show you the before and after pictures I took . Even my husband noticed the change in my hair with out prompting him to "notice any thing diffrent"!

I have wanted to try henna on my hair but didn't want to change my color... and after reading every thing i could find on this site and in this forum i decided to try ZSC .

This stuff is the bomb baby !!!!

I love ZSC! and will recomend it to any one who has long locks which have lost thier shine and/or curl!

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Re: Zizyphus Spina Christi-ZSC- 1st treatment is bringing ...

Thanks so much for sharing this!

I'm a big fan of the zizy too. I never had any curl. I couldn't even get heat styling or even perms to hold since my hair is so very fine and limp. With zizy I have body that I've never had before and my hair will hold a curl at least long enough to have an evening out. HURRAY!

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