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***** mehndi cone

a few days ago i bought a henna called ***** mehndi cone and recently ive been hearing about the side effects of henna and the skin reactions some cause, i was wondering whether the ***** mehndi cone was safe to use or not? 

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Re: **** mehndi cone

I'm coming from the hair side, but I want to pop in and say that PURE henna powder, mixed by a reputable artist or by yourself in a proper manner for hair OR body is NOT dangerous nor will it have nasty side effects unless you were to be severely allergic to it or have the G6PD deficiency.


"Black henna", that is a premixed paste that contains PPD, on the other hand IS dangerous because of the PPD. It is not really henna and should never be used.



That having been said, I'm sorry I cant directly answer your question about the brand you're asking about. However, when in doubt.. always remember its best to mix it yourself or, if they'll sell it to you, buy a ready to go paste from an artist that mixes it themselves and will tell you what its mixed with!

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Re: ***** mehndi cone

I removed the brand name from your topic as we do not discuss labelled products here that have not had indipendant lab-tested so we could say what's actually in there.
No offence.

I think most of body-art folks agree that we all strongly recommend to mix your own paste and use pure BAQ henna. Then it's safe, you know what's inside there and nobody get's harmed.
You know how, when and using what this henna paste is made.
Or you can find a trusty supplier who sells you 100% fresh-made paste, says what's inside there and uses it him/herself so you can see what the results are.


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Re: ***** mehndi cone

 I have NEVER come across a premade cone produced by a large company that does not contain chemicals of some sort. It is totally worth while to make your own paste! But if you really must buy premade, buy it from a henna artist who mixes it themselves. 

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