concerns about nutmeg poisoning from henna

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concerns about nutmeg poisoning from henna

first, please bear with me, i know what i am trying to ask but am having a problem forming my questions.... but here goes.

I have heard and read recommendations for putting nutmeg into henna powder. Now I do understand that the answers to my questions will be based on the amount of nutmeg  in the paste . So I  guess my  questions should start with,  is there a safe proportion ratio for nutmeg use in henna?

  As an herbalist, I do know that  the equivalent of aprox. 2 whole nutmeg ( and for those with sensitivity even lower amounts), can be enough to cause a tragic outcome  (death).  What are the dangers/chances  of transdermal nutmeg poisoning  for some one who henna their hair, hands and feet  with in ,say,  a 24 hour period? And what chance is there of toxicity build up due to long term, frequent use by henna artist?


i am including the following link for reference to nutmeg toxicity . i did not compile the information there, but it conveys my understanding of nutmeg the best .

i hope my questions make seance.

thanks so much


Flavia@hennacaravan (not verified)
Re: concerns about nutmeg poisoning from henna

nutmeg will not help the henna so there is no reason to add it to your mix.

That makes sure there is no danger from nutmeg at all.

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