Can demised henna condition hair?

I read somewere that demised henna is not useless overall, that it can still be used to condition hair even if it does not stain or stains very little. Is that really true?

I've heard that most of the conditioning is intrinsic to the dye itself, but there may still be some benefit because of other components in the paste. If you try it, please let us know how it turns out for you!  :)

We get questions about this quite often, usually because people dont' want to change their hair color but want all the benefits of henna. Perhaps they abandon the idea but in any case, rarely does anyone report back after trying this, which is why I don't have a better answer for you.

I am still researching and when I experiment I shall tell the story. On the other hand I have 300 grams of already mixed henna siting for 4 days now , 15 may when I posted the question about henna with green dye in it. That is the mix that never got used on my friend with ppd allergy and it's been sitting in my kitchen since then, sealed with no air in a plastic bag. It had brilliant dry release after all, even if the paste itself looks like wet seeweed. It has stained  the paper it has been sitting on and the plastic bag underneath it. I'm hoping that the dye will demise by friday 21 or saturday 22 may and I plan to do a test on my skin to see if it stains or not and if I get any nasty reaction to the green dye or 1 week old henna siting at room temperature and I hope to test it on my hair brrr.... Not sure if that is a good idea.

I just joined this site today and came across this thread. I am considering using demised henna in order to add a soft reddish tint to my hair. Has anyone had any good results? Is it safe to use demised henna? I've been dying my hair red for the past couple of years using chemicals; my natural color is ash blonde. Although I do want to switch to henna, I fear that applying it on my already red hair will bring about very bright results, which is not my goal. I'm thinking of either using just a table spoon of henna at first or using 100 gramms of demised henna for my first applications. What do you guys think? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Of course its safe to used demised henna. The only thing that really happens is the dye stops working. I would not use it and count on having a color change, especially not an attractive one. Demised henna starts to turn yellowish and I dont know how pretty it would be. Though, granted... it MAY start growing mold on it if exposed to air for an extended period of time, but then again at that point there would be no usable dye as it would be oxidized at that point and would not bind to your hair.

You're better off doing a gloss - which is a tablespoon or so of dye released paste into about a cup of conditioner (cheap, water based) for an hour or so. You want enough conditioner to fully coat/saturate your hair, so if it takes 2 cups, its two tablespoons. The more henna you add, the stronger it gets... the less you add, the weaker. Either that or a very weak henna like's Raj. Jasmine. Strand test! This is always the best method to know which henna, what mix and how long.


Our normal suggestion is to dye your hair back to your natural color, or as close as possible, as this will reduce the line of demarcation when you transition from chemical to virgin/natural. I would do this by using a product like Color Oops without the peroxide step if at all possible, then follow up with an ash blonde dye... or have a salon do something similar. Ask them to avoid as much peroxide as possible. The reason being is that chemically lightened hair tends to go rather orange with henna and stay that way, and I'm sure thats the last thing you want!

This is up to you, it does tend to make things a little easier, but there are other means of blending your color as your roots grow in.


If you could send along a couple links to your current color and/or desired color as well as your natural color (does not have to be of you), we could give you some suggestions on how best to go about this.

Probably start with a gloss over your current color, then probably a different mix on your roots as they grow in and from then on only do your roots as henna builds up in layers and will gradually get darker/more purple.

Oh wow! Thank you so very much! I am going to try your gloss idea as soon as my henna arrives; I ordered the cheapest one, Jamila. To be honest, I really don't want to dye my hair back to my natural color, as I am crazy determined to stay away from chemicals. But I am willing to put an extra effort into henna mixes to end up with the kind of gorgeous hair I've seen in pictures on this site. :-) Thank you again for your help!!!  Oh, one question 'though: why does the conditioner for the gloss mix have to be water-based? Can it be any conditioner; and if not, then why not??

Conditioners that come out of the bottle thick usually have a lot of oils in them, which inhibits dye uptake.

I see.  Thank you!

Any conditioner that has a lot of fixed oil like jojoba, olive oil, coconut oil, etc, may inhibit dye uptake. Someone here (was it you, ACWN?) once tried using a conditioner that was really thick and "greasy" feeling like a Cholestral type product for a gloss and it wasn't the best choice. It's probably best if water comes first on the list of ingredients because the dyes need water in order to release dye :)

Yeah, I did a cholesterol gloss and it didnt work so well. Took okay on already henna-ed hair, but the roots... notta.