About a Henna gloss....

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About a Henna gloss....

What would be the best way to approach this? Should I dye release only part of my package of henna since I know I will not need it all? Should I do all of it, then freeze it? Not sure how best to approach this really. Before I did whole head, so I appreciate your advice.

I can store it in the freezer what I don't use. If I dye release all of it what are the directions for thawing out and using it again later. I am nervous about that part.



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Re: About a Henna gloss....

It depends on how strong you want your gloss. If you only wish to perk up your color, a single tablespoon (dye released) per cup of conditioner for an hour will work. You need enough to saturate your hair. So if you need 2 cups, its two tablespoons.


If you wish to add more color, two tablespoons to a cup for an hour. Remember the longer you leave it on, the more dye its going to deposit.


More color, 3 tablespoons.


If you arent sure, start with a weak gloss (1:1 ratio) and if thats not enough, you can do it again.


If you dye release it all - what you dont use, put into ziplock bags and freeze it mushed flat (only freeze when you have dye release). I would recommend doing it in tablespoon sized amounts (2 tablespoons fit fine in a snack sized ziplock, you can put these into a gallon sized bag to keep them together). That way you only thaw what you need and no more. You can leave it to sit out at room temp, it will thaw fairly quickly that way. Or you can put it in a pan of baby bath warm water. Or you can use your own body temp to thaw it rapidly. Just tuck it between your back and a pillow. Or sit on it.


What you keep frozen will last 6 months to a year at max. The longer you keep the mix frozen, the longer it will last.

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Re: About a Henna gloss....

You'll find FAQs on freezing/thawing and glosses here:


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