other pigments for drums - hello

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other pigments for drums - hello
hi everyone :}  i am new and hope this first question is not off topic... i am just experimenting with henna for body art and really enjoying it...  im figuring that out right now and also have questions about that, but i am curious also about painting drums.

i was wondering since drums are not on a person and dont have the same health concerns, if there were other natural pigments that could make some other tones/colors, such as beet juice.. tea.. spices.. etc. i havent found much information on other natural pigments that work on drums.

i also was wondering if i could use some of that sort of cheaper quality henna for hair that is sold in bulk at the health food store. its called 'rainbow henna'. i know its probably got additives in it and wont dye as well for skin and needs more sifting.. but i was wondering it it would work for drums with the different 'colors' (i know they are additives) since it isnt on anyone's skin. just for some interest and variety.

i have read i think that oak dyes damage drums?  i probably will just get a bunch of stuff and experiment but i thought i was also ask.  i also have questions about regular body henna too (i have bought some from this website and experimenting right now).. thank you very much.  want to repeat this question isnt for people its just for drums and cloth.
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Re: other pigments for drums - hello
No, I wouldn't use the cheap henna on drums. One of the things that could be in it is metal salts and I don't know how it will react with skin over the long term. I wouldn't risk it.

Other plant dyes may be worth a try though, but you'd have to research each individually to make sure they won't damage a drum head. And I wouldn't add them to henna... I'd use them for accents or to fill in areas outlined by henna. Since henna permanently binds to the drum skin, the henna areas will stay fast and even deepen with time, but areas colored with other plant dyes is farm more likely to fade with wear. I still think it would be fun to research and play with though!
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