Help with Alma...

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Help with Alma...
First off Im sorry because I know this doesn't belong here but I had no idea where to post this and I need some help with alma and the FAQ didn't answer my questions. I have wavy hair but its lost some of its wave, I color my hair and I didn't know if alma could 1. Be used on color treated hair and 2. If the alma would help to bring my waves back to life? I have VERY fine hair and coloring it and when I henna'd it in the past it really helps give it body. Will the alma do this?? Or will the acidity in the alma dry it out? Sorry to jut post this so randomly I just didn't know where to go to post... Hope to hear from someone soon and again I'm sorry!
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Re: Help with Alma...
Amla will temporarily snap the hydrogen bonds in the keratin, then they reform at a different axis.  This makes your hair sort of 'floof' on its own, or you can encourage it to take a new shape.   Amla, rinse, quickly pincurl, or rag-roll your hair into curls.  It's like a very gentle fruit-based perm. 
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