The dangers of cosmetic silicone (broken link fixed)

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The dangers of cosmetic silicone (broken link fixed)
The hazards have been known for many years but silicone "pumping" continues.

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Re: The dangers of cosmetic silicone (broken link fixed)
I know facial problems with that althou the amounts of silicone are not so drastic as the ones in butt.
And earlier face-fillings ended up rather sadly and drastically.
Indonesian waria community has some rather sad examples about that.

And the vaseline/paraffine mentioned in text - one of the first victim of that treatment was, according to Sander L. Gilan's 'Making the body beautiful', Consuelo Vanderbilt. Ms Vanderbilt was considered one of the most beautiful women of her time and she experimented a lot to keep it so. Facial injections or probably vaseline was that went wrong. If you googel her you can find most pictures from her youth and only few, rather blurry from later times, after she has almost finished social-life and going out.
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