Storing powder

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Storing powder

Hi there, I think my question may have already been answered here, but I can't find it.  What is the best way to store henna powder?  Is it okay to store it in the freezer or fridge?


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Re: Storing powder

Henna powder is vulnerable to

  • air
  • light
  • heat
  • humidity
  • ph
  • temperature variation

If you have packaging that minimizes the effect of the first four, you only have to worry about the last two .......

If your henna had steel milling, the PH is no problem.  If it was  a limestone grist wheel ... time will set changes into motion.

If you can freeze your henna ... chemical and physical changes can be significantly slowed.

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Re: Storing powder

I throw mine into a Country Crock butter bowl with a lid on it into the freezer. 

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Re: Storing powder
I put my unopened bag of Henna in the fridge along with all my other bags of herbs. Is that good enough?
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Re: Storing powder
Probably but henna in a freezer will last for forever usually.
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