Carrie-shampoo bar--

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Carrie-shampoo bar--


Wondering which shampoo bars u use.  I know u had a problem with limpness and greasiness.  I think I'm going to try one of the shampoo bars to see if it helps.  I have been putting amla in my henna and it helps for a couple of weeks.

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Re: Carrie-shampoo bar--

So far my favorite, especially for countering limpness, is the zizphyus bar. It lets me go longer between shampoos and gives me more volume. I get best results by shampooing twice, leaving it on a couple minutes each time. What this does for me is add more smoothness and detangling effect, I guess because it gives the oils more time on my hair.

By the way ... recently I've used peroxide a couple of times and ended up with some dry ends. I found that a little dab of shea butter applied to damp hair after using the shampoo bar helps with that, without weighing my hair down or making it limp.

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Re: Carrie-shampoo bar--

I second the shea butter suggestion! Great stuff that- good for cuticles and foot bottoms too :-)

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