4 Year Henna Head HELP!! My hairline keeps receding and hair breaking.

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4 Year Henna Head HELP!! My hairline keeps receding and hair breaking.
My hair seems to get shorter and shorter after every henna application. My hairline is also receding. I have been to a dermatologist who has advised and I have been using Rogaine, Cortisone shots, and stimulation. I stopped the Rogaine and cortsone shots since March of 2013. My hair will start growing in, but after my Rajathani henna every six weeks to cover the gray hairs as well as my entire head, I notice less hair at my hairline. :-( I deep condtion my hair. Henna isy also an all day process for me. I have to leave it on for 5-6 hours to really cover my stubborn grays. I don't want to cut off the henna because that will leave me with 1/2 inch of hair. I don't have the face or head to cut my hair that short. I presently have some new grays at my roots and would like suggestions to color my hair. Henna gloss is out because it does not stick to my grays. I need a permanent hair color or semi-permanent that will at least last six weeks. What other hair color products work along with henna? I would like to color my roots with a dark mohagany shade. Thank you in advance for your feedback.
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Re: 4 Year Henna Head HELP!! My hairline keeps receding and ...
I too had horrible problems with henna. It would make my hair fall out and I had hair breakage. I stopped using it and then started using it again and I don't have the problems anymore. I think I was doing too many things wrong for my hair. 1. my hair did not like the acid of lemon juice 2. my applications were too frequent and full head applications too 3. I wasn't shampooing and conditioning my hair immediately after I rinsed out the henna 4. I had for some crazy reason stopped using my usual leave in conditioner because I was told that it would interfere with oxidation (that I have concluded to not be true) I no longer have a problem, I think I had protein build up and I was post pardum, this was all occuring while I had just had my son within 6 months of delivery AND I am hypothyroid and needed to be adjusted for months post delivery. Having mentioned all of these I would see if you are doing all the above, check your thyroid and see if not doing any of the above will help you. I am by no means and expert but I do understand henna hair breakage and damage, it happened to me for almost a year. I am sure the wonderful ladies on this forum will know exactly the trick for you. Good luck! Also- I no longer just to be on the safe side no longer do full head applications, I just do my roots and I have stubborn grays too. Works like a charm, no more hair breakage. If your hair is sensitive to acid this might be your fix.
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Re: 4 Year Henna Head HELP!! My hairline keeps receding and ...
I am sorry to hear that.  Sometimes, if your hair is too weak, nothing can really help it, because once it is weak, anything can weigh it down can cause your hair to loosen.  Anything from certain medicine, genetics, age, to personal health can effect your hair.  Even too much of a good thing can cause it to go haywire!  I would strongly advise not doing anything to your hair for while, give it a chance to grow in (I know this is hard with roots), but your hair needs to just settle for awhile.  Demi-permenant hair color will not cover grays, and depending on what color line your stylist uses, will vary of gray coverage.  Henna from Mehandi.com is pure henna, with no metalic salts.  Other companies that sell henna, may add metalic salts or other chemicals to the henna.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us here at Mehandi.com.  I wish you the best of luck!

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Re: 4 Year Henna Head HELP!! My hairline keeps receding and ...
I would agree that you are probably experiencing a protein overload on your hair. That can happen if you henna too frequently. To avoid that only do your full head once or twice a year and just do roots in between. Also, the acid you are using may be too strong like suggested. If you are using lemon juice, you can switch to orange juice which is much more gentle.
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