First time henna help please

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First time henna help please
I'm hennaing my hair for the first time, hopefully this week, and I've got a few questions.

I've been dying my hair for years using Loreal Preference color from Sally's and mixing it at home. It starts out a dark reddish brown and fades into a lighter reddish brown similar to auburn. Then, a few months ago, I also got some ombre highlights through this groupon I had. So the majority of the length is a blondish-reddish color.

So I have about 2 inches of natural growth (light to medium brown mixed with grays) at the roots. Then several inches of the faded auburn. And 15 inches or so of the blondish-reddish.

Also, I should mention that my hair picks up the red in any dye really easily.

So my question is about buying the right powder for the right color. I don't want bright red. I'd like the top to be a warm dark brown (like chocolate kinda) with hints of red or red tones. I'm guessing the part that was highlighted previously will probably have some more copper, brighter red tones to it, maybe even hints of orange, which is fine with me. But I don't want vibrant ultra-red hair as the primary color. It's a beautiful color, just not on me.

I've been researching henna and mixtures for a couple of months now. At first I thought a mixture of 2/3 henna, 1/3 indigo would be good. But I'm not sure. Will this be a more vibrant red than I want? I also saw one mixture that seemed 40% henna, 60% indigo would be the right mix.

What color is the Burgundy I've seen mentioned by people? Does anyone have a photo? Is it similar to dark auburn?

I've read that a higher lawsone content will give a richer, deeper red. Would it be better to go with a lower lawsone content since I don't want vibrant red? Or will the lawsone content matter as much if I'm using indigo with it?

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Re: First time henna help please
Hello! If you go with the Monsoon henna you will get more of that burgundy color. If you go with Twilight(2/3) and indigo(1/3) you will get more of an auburn color. To get a chocolate color with some red you might want to try 1/2 henna and 1/2 indigo. Do keep in mind though you can always go darker if you want to but it 's hard to go lighter. Strand testing will give you the best idea how each mix will work with you hair.
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