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Long time ...
It's been a long time since I've been able to post about henna on this forum.  I dropped off posting on the hennapage forums when I started my PhD work, but now I've finished writing my doctoral dissertation on henna.   It's easier to write on a subject when you have a little distance from it, and are not actively moving the discussion you're supposed to be analyzing.  The dissertation is  "The Geographies of the Black Henna Meme, and the Epidemic of Para-Phenylenediamine Sensitization." I did most of the work researching the online spread of henna and black henna into the west.  As soon as my profs give me permission, I'll post it online.  There's a lot about the history of henna in the west in the dissertation, I think you might find it a good read (even though it came in at 900 pages.)

So ... whazzup?
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Re: Long time ...
So...did you post it yet?  I haven't seen it and want to Read!
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