Oldie took long break from products, needs advice on 2 step H/D

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Oldie took long break from products, needs advice on 2 step H/D


Dear Forum,   (Main questions at end---sorry for length)

Old member used products for years, very ill and had to stop----no energy for the work.  But lupus and old age brought on hair loss, and when feeling better came back to Mehandi---always used their products.----Oh, and currently sitting with henna on hair).

Always needed 2 step process, no matter what proportion of H to D I tried or amount of time I gave it. 

Used henna, after deep dye release, left on hair 4-6 hours, covered in plastic and 2 knit caps, shot with hot air from dryer several times/hour.

Rinsed out henna--hair always silky and lovely--and then used indigo, used right after mixing, left in 1-2 hours. Read indigo does not release any dye after an hour. 

Perrenial problem:  Many places in root areas too red, and about 3 spots of hair 3 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide, much too red---obviously red.

I often has to repeat entire process on those troubled areas for them to get dark. Indigo gloss has sometimes helped---I do it using mostly indigo and just a small amount of conditioner--not as recommended, but works great for me.

I prefer medium to dark brown hair with red highlights, but cannot seem to control color much. Have read this forum, books and research materials for 7 years and tried nearly everything suggested by other 2-step "hard to cover grey" forum members.

These products make my hair look like I have 3 times the volume of hair I began with. Incredible softness and shine and feel. But doing the 2 step process twice is taxing.

Couple of questions-

Just read in one book by Ms. Jones, to shampoo henna out of hair after it has been on hair 4 hours; then apply indigo to dry hair. Never saw this anywhere before.

1) Would the shampoo after henna step make the indigo "stick" better? I have never read this anywhere else. And should hair be dry for indigo application?

Oh, I never shampoo for 3 days after using indigo, in case anyone thinks that is why it won't stay.

Main Questions:

How long should I leave on henna?---well covered, shot with heat several times/hour.

How long should I leave on Indigo? (Is it true it does no good after 90 minutes?)

Worth a try to shampoo immediately after henna is rinsed out and before applying indito to dry hair?

Thanks for being here with so much amazing information. I read for a couple of years before making the leap and it was the best thing I ever did. Just glad well enough to get back to it, only wish it was not so complicated, but some day a solution will come along.


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You should be able to get

You should be able to get pretty good coverage in one shot-

Here are some reasons why henna and indigo don't stick:
1) Hard water

2) Build up on the hair

3) mixing indigo up with anything but distilled water

4) not shampooing only before application

5) Oils in the mix or on the hair

You can shampoo and condition right after the henna and indigo and it won't affect the color taking. It is important to shampoo..using a shampoo that causes build up on the hair however, does not help as much.Henna itself can be left on 3 to 8 hours (give or take a few hours)-- when using henna and indigo together, 3 hours is recommended, as indigo only has a life span of about 3 hours.  Leave it on longer than 5 hours can cause more red in the hair.

Henna and indigo can be applied to damp or dry hair.

You may need a Rainwash Treatment before you do henna  and indigo: http://www.mehandi.com/shop/rainwash/index.html

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 Thanks for your response. I

 Thanks for your response. I have been no-poo for a number of years, followed all directions about shampooing with baking soda etc also before using henna. I have never used any oils during the dyeing process.

Have always used only distilled water; I have read and read about how to apply the products, tried the rainwash treatment several times and it made no difference.

Since this problem has been occurring during my 7 years of using these products====with breaks in between when 3 surgeries, including breast cancer, in 4 years, prevented me from being able to spend the hours of doing a 2 step process that took even longer for additional work on about 5 areas of my hair---small areas, but noticeable, where they indigo just will not stick without additional applications.

As I mentioned, been working with these products for years, and have tried suggestions from many many other forum members who had trouble getting the indigo to "stick" to certain areas of their hair.

I have it worked out fairly well, I just wish the process did not take as long.

Just did a wonderful process with Amla, which sure does make the hair "fluffy".

Night before, applied coconut and emu oils---very very small amounts to scalp, to help hair loss and treat scalp.  (emu oil is MAGIC)

Washed hair next day with this wonderful biotin shampoo I found---first ingredient after water is biotin, so the shampoo is truly the only way I can get it into my system---there is a watery biotin spray, too. Cannot take any b-vitamins, unfortunately.

Washed once with biotin shampoo and baking soda, then next with just biotin shampoo---massaging it into scalp well. Next...

Used hot water to mix the pure Amla powder, waited 15-20 minutes for it to sit, mixed in small amounts of Neem and Sikakai powders after the Amla was ready and massaged into hair and scalp, cap on 40 minutes, washed out and hair is so soft and fluffy and shiny it is hard to believe.

Have also had luck using Z. Spina Christi, and Brahmi mixed with various of the powders mentioned above, and also used all of them alone just to see results.

Also been doing some indigo glosses that have helped keep the darker coloring in, but not the usual large amount of conditioner and tiny bit of indigo, used lots of indigo and tiny bit of conditioner, and it has extended my color for about 12 days beyond when I usually have to re-do the 2 step, which actually takes 3-4 steps.

Continued experiments will be done, but things are certainly looking better than ever and I will find "my" formula one of these days. Thank goodness these products are so safe. My hair looks about 3 times as thick as it did when I took a break from these wonderful dyes and other plants while  recovering from hip replacement surgery.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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