Highlights on henna hair (But haven't used henna for a long time)

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Highlights on henna hair (But haven't used henna for a long time)

Hello all! So I am 75% grey and have colored by hair medium brown for years now. Sometime ago I decided to use henna just for the red factor of it. I really loved the color. However, I found that the maintainance to my grey regrowth took much too long. After using henna for a year, I went back to coloring it medium brown. However, again...I am sick of the upkeep and am considering gradually going blonde.

I know this is a slow transition to do it right. I am considering having my hair heavily foiled and am hoping for a light brown, dark blonde. But alas, I am sure that the henna is probably still in my hair..under all this brown (although I do not see any red coming through)

So, my question is since I am a year off the henna is it possible that the bleach will work. I assume it will be brassy and hoping that a toner will work. But will a toner tone down previously henna'd hair? Has anyone tried this?

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Lightening Henna


Lightening both before and after henna is completely doable with no adverse results, as long as you use 100% pure henna, which ours is. Beware that some other companies do claim to sell pure henna, but that is not the truth. A strand test is always good to do.

As far as brassiness, it is possible, but toners will work as well.

You can learn more in this free e=book chapter: http://www.tapdancinglizard.com/AS_henna_for_hair/Chapter_10_lightening_...

If you have any more questions, I'd be happy to answer them.


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Orange highlights

Hi there. Yes you can lighten it but your highlights will turn out orange. If there is henna still in there you can bet they will turn apricot at lightest. I just went through the whole journey of using high dye content pure baq henna for about 4 years  ( I too have alot of grey) and I too grew it out by using med brown permanent chemical dye on my regrowth only ( I couldn't even get chem dye to stick to my henna length) My first attempt at salon highlights was 3- 4 years later and was almost successful but my ends were still apricot even with a toner. It was a good salon too! ...so I waited another couple months and cut the ends off ( just the other day) and got new highlights put in but my hair feels like cotton candy. So now I have short frizzy blondish /ombre hair. I miss my luxurious long henna hair. I'm 90% sure that I will return to henna ( even if that root upkeep is a pain in the butt. So my opinion is that yes you can lighten henna but you will most likely not get anything lighter than apricot/ strawberry blonde.Taking it up to a yellow/gold will certainly fry your hair ( especially if your hair is curly) I'd recommend getting a good cut before and expect that you may also have to get one after highighting. It took me about 3 1/2 years  to get my new growth to barely touch my collar bone and I had to layer it considerably to cut off all the henna in order to get actual blonde highlights. Good luck :)

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