Henna over Manic Panic/Special Effects unconventional colors

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Henna over Manic Panic/Special Effects unconventional colors

So I get a wild hair, hehe, sometimes and like to dye my hair Blood Red by Special Effects.  It is a bright red very artificial looking color but it is fun.  Generally I dye my hair with henna and have been for about 5-6 years now.  I just ordered the Henna for Hair Fire kit and am really looking forward to trying it out.  The question I have is will the cassia be enough to lighten the artificial red or should I bleach or strip the color?  Does anyone have any experiences with this or thoughts?  
I hate bleaching my hair and try to do it as little as possible but I hate to waste a good henna kit on hair that is not going to be able to take the color. I have included a pic of the hair color in question.  It is a bit more washed out now as I have been letting it go but still very obviously that red color

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None of our dyes will lighten the color of your hair; cassia will add golden tones to hair that is gray, white, or blonde, but will not turn darker hair blonde. You will have to bleach your hair if you want the Fire kit to give you a bright, red-orange result. Keep in mind that your lightened hair may be brassy, and affect the outcome of the henna kit. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always call or email customer service. Have a good day!

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