Natural Redhead turning into a blonde HELP

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Natural Redhead turning into a blonde HELP

I am so very in love with my red hair. It's usually very vibrant but this intense Florida sun has given me more and more blonde streaks. I've never dyed my hair, ever. I researched and found henna to be helpful to enhance red hair. I bought the Hannah Naturals henna and Zenia cassia. I'm nervous to change my color but I want my ginger red back! What mix of henna and cassia do you think would be best for me? Or do you think I should just do a henna gloss? If so, would I still mix the henna and cassia? Any info you have is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!! 

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Henna and Cassia


I'm sorry, the image isn't able to load, but I would recommend starting with 3 parts cassia to 1 part henna and increasing the henna if it isn't red enough. You might even end up using just straight henna. I cannot guarantee anything with the products you mention because I know nothing about them, but feel free to look at our products on the following links, and also our free ebook!

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