Henna on your hair down there...

I don't recall ever seeing a post about this before, so I thought I would make one. I have been dyeing my hair with henna for about a year and a half now, and love it. My partner helps me re-dye, and last week he said hey, I wonder how it would look if we dyed your other hair. I figured why not, and so I now have red pubic hair to match the hair on my head. I know conventional box dyes always warn against dyeing hair on other parts of the body, and I assume this is due to the dangerous chemicals and possibility of burning or irritating delicate skin. But, my henna is only mixed with organe juice, and I had no problems with irritation or any kind of discomfort. I just wanted to share my experience in case others have been considering doing this, and I'm happy to provide more info or answer any questions.

It has been done. Of course the hair will take dye differently as its a different texture, and of course people tend to be far more sensitive in places where skin is more delicate. Also the logistics are difficult. One recommendation years ago involved wearing underpants fashioned from plastic grocery bags.

I did my pubic hair for years (and my eye brows too - ( I know, not recommended for safety! ). I found using a hair dye brush the same as I used on my head but without touching the skin as much as possible was good, as for some reason my skin underneath the hair would suck up the colour and unlike mu scalp, would take weeks to fade!  I never plastic bagged or clingfilmed myself, that sent it everywhere, I just lay about with the doors locked in open legged glory hoping the postman didnt need a parcel signing for.

(When doing my eyebrows I used a fine paint or makeup brush and also avoided touching the skin, so in both locations the henna rested on the top layer of hair. Result was very convincing indeed. I am a dark blonde naturally)

I believe I read years ago, somewhere in Catherine's studies maybe,  of henna being used post partum  - after childbirth - in the crotch area in a decorative mehandi sense - DISCLAIMER I do NOT think it was a slapping it onto the mucosa! But, considering it's anti fungal properties and the need to lie still, to avoid a quagmire, it sounded like whichever culture this was was onto a good one! 

All in all, the hassle was worth the fun :)