Dyeing with Indigo. I want to dye fabric...

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Dyeing with Indigo. I want to dye fabric...

So I ordered Indigo and I don't know why.  I think I was just caught up in the moment.... I was trying to think of another way of using it, and I wondered if I can use to to dye clothes?  If I can't, then I'll probably just give it way to someone on here to who can use it.  

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Indigo for hair cannot be used to dye fabrics. The Indigo used to dye fabrics is processed differently.

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To get the best most even

To get the best most even dyeing results it will be simpler to work outdoors and with another person. When the fabric is separated from the dye tub, paper writing service you can attach it. Take the cloth and stretch it tautly from all four edges like when folding a material at a vertical angle so the excess dye can run across the outside of the fabric. 

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