mixing/freezing henna

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mixing/freezing henna

My daughter and I color our hair with henna and indigo but we use different ratios.  When I premix/freeze the henna paste I'd like to do them all the same rather than making separate pastes for her and I.  It's been tedious to mix 1/3 cup with orange juice and then plop the amount on wax paper and then put that in baggies.  Now I want to mix up 1/4 cups of the henna individually, so that will be even more tedious.  (I'm going to use 1 henna cube to 3 indigos and she will use 2 henna to 2 indigo ratio).  I was wondering if I would be successful in mixing up a whole 100g bag with orange juice, putting it in the blender and then dividing it up in equal amounts in a ice cube tray (allowing for dye release, and then putting the whole thing in the freezer).  Would they all come out with the same amount of henna in each cube?  Thanks for any advice!

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Henna mixing and freezing


You can mix the Henna with orange juice, dye release it, then freeze the Henna paste in an ice cube tray. As long as each cube is roughly the same size, then they will have the same Henna content. Indigo should not be frozen. Freezing Indigo paste makes it loose its ability to dye the hair effectively.

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