Line break problem fixed...maybe

I've done a couple of tweaks that may have solved the line break problem.

For those of you who've just joined us, one of the admins noticed on Friday that line breaks and paragraph breaks weren't appearing properly when we preview or save text. I created a "No linebreak" filter and a simple workaround procedure to handle the problem and I've been searching for a more convenient solution.

This morning I tried something that appears to work. I've set the "Filtered HTML" editor as the default editor and changed its properties. Now, instead of the edit area opening with no editor visible, you should all see the Filtered HTML tool bar above the text area when you write or edit a post. Making it the default and changing the editor's background properties seems to have corrected the line break problem.

Please work with the new configuration and let me know if you see an improvement or run into any problems. Note, incidentally, that we have a private message system, so you don't have to hunt for an e-mail address if you want contact me on Forum business.

Roy a.k.a. "ex_machina"

Seems perfect now!