First Time Henna/Indigo/Amla User. PLEASE READ

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First Time Henna/Indigo/Amla User. PLEASE READ

Hello All! Hope you are having a good day!

So, I just ordering the Ancient Sunrise kit for Medium Brown hair with 100g or Henna and 100g of Indigo.
I then ordered 25g of Amla.

I have many, many questions as to what to do with my first time. I've already read the e-book and looked at some posts on the forum.

My hair is thinning gradualy, and it's been dyed before(hasn't been dyed in about a year though) The color at my roots is reddish dark brown, it looks black when wet.

What I'm wondering is:

1.) Will dying my hair with henna, indigo, and amla speed up the thinning process of my hair?

2.) Will this dry out my hair? (I read that henna can be drying)

3.) Is it okay if instead of adding the lemon juice if I just mixed in the amla and henna with water since amla is naturally acidic? I don't want to dry out my hair with all the acidity.

4.) Will the dying weigh down my hair, and if so will the amla help the prevent this?

5.) Will the 225g all together with the henna, indigo, and amla be a good enough amount for my shoulder length SUPER THIN curly hair?

I'm sorry for the amount of questions, I'm just very nervous and get really anxious when it comes to my hair.

Thank you all for your time and answers to my questions!!!

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Re: First Time Henna/Indigo/Amla User. PLEASE READ

1. No. It will actually make your hair look thicker. You may notice a great deal of shedding the first time you henna. This is normal and honestly nothing to worry about. What happens is is that the weight of the paste causes any hair that was GOING to shed in the next few days to come loose and shed right then, rather than later. So it looks like you're losing a great deal of hair, when you really arent. Then for the next few days you wont have any shedding at all.


2. It can, indigo tends to be more drying than henna. If you're worried, mix your henna with something less acidic (rather than lemon juice) and be sure to rinse REALLY well. Shampoo well when you rinse.


3. Yes. This is fine. You would let the mix sit for about 12 hours.


4. Yes, but there is no preventing that - the weight will be there no matter what you add. Amla will help preserve curl or wave though.


5  Most likely, yes.

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