Henna/Indigo 2 step

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Henna/Indigo 2 step

I have received my Celebration Henna & Indigo and plan on applying my 2 step on Monday.  I have a couple of questions that I hope someone can help m with.

1.  Should I wash out the henna with shampoo or just plain water before applying the indigo.  I know that I deep condition after washing out the indigo.

2  Can someone reccommend an good deep conditioner to use.  I am African American with Type 4 B Hair.

I did a sample test of both the henna & indigo.  The henna lone gave my grey a auburn color.  Depending on how it looks after applying a full head, I may not apply the indigo. I can't wait to see my results!!!!

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Re: Henna/Indigo 2 step

I really want to see pics of how Celebration looks on gray, I hope you'll post some!!

You can rinse the henna out with just water, if you're doing a 2-step. Shampoo wouldn't hurt after the henna, but I would save it for after the indigo, myself. What it comes down to is I would shampoo after you've rinsed out the last of the plant dyes. If you're just going to henna, then shampoo after the henna.

I'm not that familiar with deep conditioners so I'll let someone else tackle that question.

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Re: Henna/Indigo 2 step

For a deep conditioner, I like Ouidad Deep Treatment (www.ouidad.com)  It's expensive though.  I'll be interested to see what others suggest.

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