Wonderful JAMILA does it again

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Wonderful JAMILA does it again

I hate to say it but I put poision on and went back to dye ugggg. Anyway yesterday I got some bleach, took out the darkish Brown and today became a Henna girl again ahhhh.


I'd had Jamila 2008 in the freezer for about a year so took it out, let it thaw in the sun and added a few drops of warm water and PLASTERED it on my head.

I never spill a drop and find Henna unmessy to use. The colour is wonderful AS EVER and the way it covers my white roots is second to none. Jamila has AMAZED me again.

I smoothered it onto my head, put a plastic bag on my head with a warm winter cap on top and only left it on for about 2 hours.


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Re: Wonderful JAMILA does it again


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Re: Wonderful JAMILA does it again

Yay! Welcome back...

I too, just returned after a two-year henna break in which I first attemted to go natural (but yikes, there is more gray than I'm willing to let show) and second back to chem. dyes which I really hated. So, about a week ago I stripped the chem. dyes using ColorOops and then Henna'd using the Celebration henna. It's so pretty (I was using Yemen before I stopped for two years) and I'm now considering stocking up so that I have Henna from the same batch.

Love it! I am back too. High Fives!


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Re: Wonderful JAMILA does it again

I feel so LIBERATED and FREEEEE yayyyy xxxx lol

Honestly: I feel different today and the awful rootline which was showing at the back of my head has gone yayyyyy x

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Re: Wonderful JAMILA does it again

hello, i notised in a previous post you mentioned henna boy uk. that is where i shop for my henna, i've only henna'd once and am confused about all the different henna's available from henna boy. do you know what the difference is between the 'indian henna' 'sojat indian henna' 'moroccan henna' 'pakistani jamilla henna' and 'yemeni henna'?

i used the indian henna powder but only because it was at the top of the list on their web site!! i couldn't choose between them!

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Re: Wonderful JAMILA does it again

You could email Mark (owner) at Henna Boy to ask how he'd characterize the different hennas he has currently, but it's possible he's already posted the characteristics he's noted (I see he has descriptions on some of them).

You can't really generalize in a meaningful way about color differences or dye content based solely on country of origin - even henna from the exact same field will have different dye content from year to year. Example: Mehandi's Yemen henna has been noted for very deep red color results for several years in a row, but the current crop isn't as high in dye content as last  years'. That's just the nature of any agricultural product; the timing and amount of rain and heat play a role in the outcome.

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