The ugly step sister of bridal

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The ugly step sister of bridal

Henna for the grooms family is often in a big rush. No body wants to take the time or pay the money for pretty henna. They just want it done. I know I'm not the only one who has been asked to do henna for 10 of the grooms relatives in 2 hours. Both sides of the hands. "A little more here. Can you fill that in?" Then they have to sort of hover for the back side because there's no time to dry for the palm side in between. This all makes for ugly henna. Don't get me wrong, the ladies are always happy with it, but I am NOT! Pictures of this scenario just don't make it to public view. I wouldn't ask anyone to post their worst work, but please, please just admit it happens and share my pain. Please?

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Re: The ugly step sister of bridal

oh, it happens all right!  For me it's more the "I want to have henna for my "exotic" bachelorette party, there will be 4 of us" and you show up and 16 more have decided it sounds like fun.  It definitely happens!  And no, you don't get pix!!!

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Re: The ugly step sister of bridal

It happens indeed. Mine was an Eid event hosted by Somali Pirates......I can't even tell that story in a public forum. But note- the henna was heinous. For the same frantic reasons. Ugh.


I believe that there is a "magic spell" involving the word "no" that exists that prevents these scenarios from developing, but I haven found the right combination of words or the right inflection or the right mudra to go with it, because "no" the way I use it never seems to work.

Hate  power struggles and pissing matches over henna. Require a handler to deal with them. Seriously.


XO Jen- you are not alone.

Ugly step-sister indeed.



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Re: The ugly step sister of bridal

True! Same goes for Karva Chauth henna if they book a multi-person appointment. I need at least 20 minutes per person to do a remotely respectable job of getting a nice traditional design onto the fronts AND backs of both hands done....and even then, I'm still rushing like crazy and it isn't going to be nearly as pretty as if you allowed 10 minutes for each design, 40min per person.......... really booking an hour for one person would be ideal, but frugality tends to interfere with that prospect......



The worst Karva Chauth appointment this year had me doing 6 ladies, 4 designs each, so 24 designs total, in 1.5 hours of my time. It was actually only about 50 minutes of solid design time when you subtract all the time spent finding the next person, chatting, moving, etc. And well...................that is the worst henna I have done in a long, long time. Zero photos taken. Trying to erase it from my memory.

The agreement was 10 designs in 1 hour, and that was already pushing it, if they wanted anything remotely respectable, as I made clear in our phone consultation.

That magical "no" word results in painfully awkward moments in situations like these... I tried...oh, I tried........ "just a little on the backs since no one is here and we are paying for your time" becomes an expectation for everyone to have the backs of their hands done, in the same teensy tiny timeframe...

These folks won't be calling me back, I'm pretty sure. But oddly enough, it's mostly because of the various attempts at "no" I made. It won't be because of the ugly, rushed henna. That, they were perfectly happy with. Which made me all the sadder.

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Re: The ugly step sister of bridal

OH my yes, and I also just leave the camera in the bag or it is a great time for a 'group shot' where you can see how happy everyone is, but you can't really see the actual henna.  I think we all have the 'dangle' henna which usually causes the less than perfect lines. It probably wouldn't be so bad but as professionals we all take this VERY seriously, but our clients rarely see it quite the same and the squigles come from the client looking over her shoulder, shouting to someone, laughing, trying to look at what you are doing WHILE you are doing it and as they pull away they then "Oh sorry!" .   Yeah. 

I have no pix to share but I SO feel your pain!!  :-)


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Re: The ugly step sister of bridal

 I very much appreciate reading this thread! I will stop beating my self up.

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Re: The ugly step sister of bridal

I definitely feel your pain on this - and the horror is greatly intensified when the clients twitch about, as one of the respondents pointed out! Then, because of the rush, one doesn't even have a chance to correct sloppy areas, and people say 'oh, that is so pretty' and they probably even mean it, but the 'artist' knows better. It seems to be quite a universal problem! Good vibes - A.

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