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I purchased to henna kits for black hair from ancient Sunrise. I have read just about all of the information on hennering relaxed hair. The information is a little confusing because there does not seem to be a set way to mix henna to colour the hair. I have not used my kits yet, I plan to use it on Saturday.

My hair is ear length, with some grey at the root, some red tints from dyes, and the rest brown/black.

I believe one kit will be sufficent, but how to I mix my henna because my hair is a little dry.

Its been about five weeks since I had a semi permanent colour.

Please help me with a step by step process, I will follow the instruction that came with the kit but sometimes someone else's experience is a better teacher than written instructions.

Thank You All


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I used to do 2-step for black on my husband's hair every month for a few years. The instructions that come with the kit are good. You can use orange juice, apple juice, or strong herbal tea (not hot, though) for your liquid. This choice is not going to affect the color. Since you are concerned about dryness, you may want to avoid lemon juice since some people say it increases dryness for them (it doesn't for everyone, just some).

The only things I would add are:

- make sure your hair is very clean before you apply. Wash your hair immediately before applying, and towel it dry. Don't use conditioner at this point, it can interfere with indigo uptake.

- find out for sure how strong your henna paste is staining before you get ready to apply it. That means do a skin test: Put a little blob on your palm for 1 minute, then rinse it off. If you see an orange stain, it's ready to use. If not, let it sit a while longer and test until you see a stain on your palm.

Here is an FAQ for troubleshooting gray coverage - the tips here will be helpful in general for anyone using indigo:

There are some good tutorials available on youtube about how to mix and apply henna and indigo on African hair:

Curlynikki has a good tutorial on her site also, it's about henna (not henna and indigo) but the basics still apply:

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