My first henna

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My first henna

I want to henna my hair for the first time. I bought indigo, cassia and Celebration henna. My hair is naturally a medium brown but I want it to be a red-auburn color that is a little darker than my natural color. I was thinking 25% indigo and 75% henna. But, I also like the way cassia makes hair shiney and lustrous so I wanted to incorporate that into the dying process. Can I mix idigo, cassia, and henna all together at the same time?

I was also planning on using Apple Cider Vinegar as my acid for the henna, does this have any negative side effects? I haven't seen anyone saying that they used it, does it work?

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Re: My first henna

Yes you can mix the three, but not all at once. Henna and cassia have similar dye release needs so you could mix the powders together if you wanted, but indigo doesnt like acid and dye release instantly so it needs to be kept alone and in powder forum until the henna is ready.


Cassia will dilute the mix so I'm not really sure you want/need it. Henna alone will make your hair nice and shiny, more so than the cassia would. Plus the henna shine lasts, cassia's doesnt.


I would first try the henna by itself on a strand test. 3 hours should do fine. I think you may get the color you're looking for with celebration alone. If not, I would probably use only 10% indigo. Strand test though to be sure - never go in blind when indigo is involved cause if you mess up, you're more or less stuck with it till it grows out.


ACV is fine, acidity wise, but it will make the henna smell horrible. Thats usually why people dont use it. If you do really want to use it, I would use mostly water with a good splash of the vinegar instead of all vinegar. If you're worried about hair dryness, you can also try apple juice (dye release time is 6 - 8 hours) or a cooled, acidic tea like chamomile ( 1 - 4 hours).

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