Getting the Orange out?

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Getting the Orange out?

Hi I am new here and new to Henna. I am a dishwater blonde and last night I decided to become a red head. I really like the color that it turned out being, but incircling my face are red highlights. This is where the majority of of semi grey hair it the grey that caused this area to be orange? What else would have caused it and how can I change this area also to be a dark red?


Jenny from Wyoming

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Re: Getting the Orange out?

It hasn't had a chance to oxidize, so just wating 4 or five days to see what the final oxidized color will be is your best bet right now.

To get the dark red, just apply more henna--the more saturated the hair, the darker and redder it will become.


When you get the length to the color you want, start just applying to the roots as they grow.


But, bear in mind that the Cheeto-colored greys (and light hair) are just part and parcel of freshly-hennaed hair.  By tonight it should have calmed down considerably and not be nearly as vivid.



Desdemonas Designs
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Re: Getting the Orange out?

Hi Jenny,

The first couple of days after hennaing your hair its always a little brighter, after its had a chance to oxidize it will get a deeper color and not as orangey.  If, after 3 days, its still too bright for you, do another application. The more henna you apply the darker and deeper the color will be.  If it does turn out that you do another application to darken up the gray areas, you may want to try to leave the henna on longer the next time you henna (more time equals more dye equals deeper color).


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Re: Getting the Orange out?

more time equals more dye equals deeper color.


Well, sortve. What I understand is that you actually get more color out of a back to back shorter application of 2.5 hours than you would out of a single 4 hour application because it layers. But in a single application you get a little more color out of a 4 hour than you would out of a single 2.5 hour application, but after that, say 6 hours, you only get a little extra color. Most of the dye is deposited between 2 and 4 hours. So while you could leave it on overnight while you slept (say for 8 hours) for convince sake, you arent going to get any major extra color than you would if you had left it on for 4 to 6 hours.



Also things to remember, its best to apply plant dyes to super clean hair - meaning you just stepped out of the shower 5 minutes before you applied clean. Especially if you have stubborn grays that dont want to take the dye well. And for those, a higher dye content henna, like's purity or celebration, is recommended because they're more likely to cover gray and cover it well in one go.

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