Henna FAQ & Aftercare Sheet?

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Henna FAQ & Aftercare Sheet?

I thought I saw someone had a pdf of an FAQ and aftercare sheet posted that they take to festivals, etc., but I can't seem to find it now. I looked through the forum archive links, but they're all nonfunctional from Henna-Business section.

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Re: Henna FAQ & Aftercare Sheet?

I put this in Microsoft Publisher and will stick them to the back of my business cards once I get them.


Your henna stain can last 1 – 2 weeks with the proper care:

·  leave paste on as long as possible, (min. 2 hours) remove by scraping off, not washing off

·  try to avoid water as much as possible for at least 8 hours after removing paste  (also, anything which exfoliates the skin will demise the stain)

· the stain will be orange when the paste is removed, it will darken over the next 24 - 28 hours.

· if you have a chance, take a photo of your stain and send it to me for my website!


My website and other contact information is on the main side of the card obviously, so people can contact me.  Next batch of business cards I do will have this printed directly on the back.  I have more complete directions on my website so they can refer to that aswell.  If you make larger cards or sheets, you can put more information, and more complete sentences.

I hope this helped!


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Re: Henna FAQ & Aftercare Sheet?

My aftercare sheet is posted on my website (incase I run out mid-gig and it saves on paper) you can use parts or the whole thing I don't mind. www.mehandibymaggie.com

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