Home grown Henna

My husband has a coworker that is from India, that is where her family lives.  She says she can get me some great henna that her grandmother grows and fixes up for their family.   It would not have any of the additives (not being for sale, only family use).  She grinds and sifts it herself, and has both henna for hair and BAQ that they use.


Would it be something I could safely check out?  We trust this person very well, and she says her family uses it ALL the time.  They grow it on their land.

I don't suppose there is a way to check dye content or such? 


I was just wondering.  I love the thought of getting some real stuff, undiluted with other chemicals, and from a tried and true source.

You can safely check it out, but its going to cost you. 

Dye content is expensive to test. That has to be done in a lab:  HPLC with DAD.  (Determination of Lawsone Content
High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode Array Detection).

The hennas I've tested for mehandi seem to never have been sprayed, though some have traces of pesticides from "drift": pesticides applied to other crops often blow in the wind. 

There's no reason not to use her henna, but its probably going to be a cumbersome task to import, clear customs, grind, grind, grind and sift, sift sift. You'll have to decide for yourself whether the result is worth the effort. 

I guess this is where strand tests come in very handy! 

Thanks for the info.  I think she brings it back with her when she travels there (which is quite often).  So I may just check it out, for the fun of it.  Strand testing won't cause me any problems.

Remember that if you decide to use this henna you will need to strand test every time because its unlikely that the dye content will remain the same season after season. From the testing and the reports Lady C has shared, the dye content can be drastically different from crop to crop and season to season.