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Amy Boehme
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Thanks to all that helped me sort out my non sticking paste issues, I was able to find a mix that worked and did a party last night with great success.  In fact one lady still had her paste on 24 hours later.  I did tell her she could sleep with it and then take it off in the morning.  I think she liked the glitter too much.  But everyone I have talked to said it stayed on great and had a great stain after they took the paste off.  I did 20 gm of henna 1/4 c lemon juice 2tsp of dextrose and 1/2tsp of agave necture.  As long as it is cold it holds a great line so I kept a couple of cones in the fridge and when they warmed up I switched them out so the detail was good also.  I am so excited now.

Thanks again,