confused with ordering

Hello Catherine,

This is my first time ordering from your site and im abit confused?  I was wondering do I email you my order or do just push add to cart and pay with paypal? I really want to try celebration henna and some henna attar :)

Thanks Aisha

You can order either way!  They both work!

K thanks . I cant wait to try these Ive been waiting so long just to smell henna attar :D

Now for the celebration henna is that the one you use? do you just mix it with lemon juice and let it sit all night??

Depends on what you want to do with Celebration.  I did lemon juice, overnight, terps, fructose, and applied 24 hours after first mixing.  I think there may be more options, and I think it may have some serious longevity, but it'll take a while to log more experience with it.

Im using it for hair I want it to be strong and red

Any acidic liquid will do. Lemon juice you would/could let it sit all night. Apple juice you can let sit 6 - 8 hours. A strong brewd, cooled acidic tea (such as black, green, chamomile or zinger) 2 - 4.


The warmer you keep the paste (between 65 - 75 degrees), the faster it will dye release. You can turn your oven onto its lowest setting, let it heat up, then turn it off and set the bowl on top of the oven. You could turn on a desk lap and set it under the light. You could tuck it outside in the shade on a slightly warm day. You could turn a heating pad onto its lowest setting, set it in a bowl and set the henna bowl in the one with the heating pad - just stir often to avoid hot spots.

Keep the henna below 80 degrees. Anything over 90 will cook the henna.



And above all, strand test. Celebration is a very high dye content henna and will go dark very easily.

Thank you. Yeah I know thats why im wanting celebration. im currently using yemeni henna from another site but I saw celebration has more dye content so I wanted to use it and see how it looks. I cant wait to try it

I think you'll be really happy with it! I find it to have a much more pleasant texture than the Yemeni henna aside from the ridiculous-huge dye content.

Ooh thanks jen,I was wondering about that too. I really am excited to try it. Ive been using yemeni for so long just for the dye content and when I saw celebration I was really glad I found that page. Now I want to check it out for myself and see how red it gets in the sun :D