Subjective views of oneself!

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Subjective views of oneself!

 In the mirror, In my 'usual glasses' I look one shape and size. In my contact lenses I look about 3 inches shorter and 6 inches wider, and in my reserve pair of missoni glasses I look 3 inches taller and a bit slimmer. What is interesting to me is the difference I feel depending on what I see - and more fundamentally than that I don't know what is really the real me!

Does anyone else have this experience with glasses?


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Re: Subjective views of oneself!

With my ordinary glasses i look... what I think I normally am.
With contact-lenses - I wear very rarely - I look huge. And as I actually am under average height - the world looks just too big for me. Probably therefore I don't like lenses.
I got a real shock when I tryed to buy a pair of winterboots once with lenses - I went and took the pair that my visual memory said - that should fit. Came out  I took a pair 3 numbers smaller! I felt like a bigfoot! Giant!

And - without my glasses I do see very blurry anyway but I do FEEL totally naked, helpless and vulnerable!

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