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History of beauty surgery (BS) is quite old, first it was recovering surgery for those who needed it (missing limbs, fall-off noses etc) and then, second half of 19th century it became more and more aesthetic surgery. Surgical procedure that was taken place without any actual medicinal need. And it is interesting to see how tendencies, fashions and problems come and repeat over and over - like 'same sh*t, new generation'. Before it was declared that botox can totally ruin your face, it has been there - liquid parafin, so-called biological gels...
The most interesting thing or phenomena that comes with BS is 'silence acceptance' - when BS became into fashion first wave of socialy pressured surgerys was - nose. Historically it has been known also as 'issue of jewish nose'. And in these times - second half of 19th century - that surgery somehow fixed nose as well but left scars, very remarkable scars. People who wanted to deny their belonging prefered to have scars rather than nose. Althou - scars said same directly what was or has been the issue... But silence acceptance made them 'fit into'. It was cut into your face, your origin, but 'silent acceptance' made you own. If several centuries before problematic nose was a sign of syphilis therefore hidden and not showed off then now it became 'fitting into society'.
There is a nice book by Sander Gilman - Making the Body Beautiful - that discribes how BS found her way into everyday life and is somehow on its' way to become norm.

We see it actually every day - highly cut celebrities who declare 'aging naturally' or maybe.. with a lil tiny help, but the mostly look what they eat and excercise (Cher, Demi Moore, Madonna... you name it. Well - Donatella looks like highly washed muppet, thou... But in the case of Madonna - she is said to be the Face of new generation BS.) And it has became almost standards - look how good you can look in your 50ties. And ... I can't say we believe them but general opinion is - why not? Like Dylan Moran put it - we go to doctor, say - yes, please make me inconcious and suck, tuck, lift, replace my whole body and then when I am in pain, swollened and bruised and suffering, then come and give me bill. I'm happy with that.
But then there are people who somewhat across the line or maybe balancing on it or maybe... just change borders? There is a blog about this theme and I use to check this. It is rather interesting material, and not only clinically. :)
Joyceline Wildenstein was probably first of them, but she has a lots of followers. Just click the links. Or maybe still-young-and-'naturally'-aging Barbie Twins?
And it is not only about women - meet Igor and Grishka Bogdanoff or look the nowadays Mickey Rourke or Michael Jackson with his mysterious nose.

Or people who are somewhere between genders - Amanda Lepore or Pete Burns...

Sometimes I do wonder - how far it will go? Can we call it lieing - fake is there and we all know, but silently accept it for real? As we do, althou selectivly. Same case as with photos and photoshop... And we have reached to point where Milo Venus is commented as 'bigger boobies and some excercising would do' and Marilyn Monroe is named 'fat duck'...
Do you think we can ever get back the respect of/to natural body? Where alteration is not so much total reconstruction of self and body or vice versa but... altering. Or where is the borderline of it?

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Re: Rebodying

"Plastic surgery is better appearance for people, and I think God like this,"


Former FP researcher David Francis wrote, “In a country that shuns homosexuality, this (a sex change operation) makes perverse sense, as after a sex-change operation, one technically isn’t attracted to one’s own sex and therefore isn’t gay.”

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