Indigo and buxus questions

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Indigo and buxus questions

Hi, I am still waiting for my mom to come over and put the Celebration on my head. If she doesn't by Sunday i'll do it myself, which i'm not looking forward to. It isn't fun to do yourself, at least it wasn't for me last time I did it.

Anyway, I wanted to know a little more the difference between indigo and buxus. Indigo personally scares but i'm still intrigued by it. 

My questions:

What is the difference between buxus and indigo? Don't they both give a brown color when lightly used with henna?I'm figuring indigo has a darker dye.

Is indigo and buxus temporary or permanent like henna?

Is buxus just as tepermental as indigo?


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Re: Indigo and buxus questions

They are the same dye color - blue/green/grey, but the indigo dye is much stronger. Its prone to going black if you arent careful but buxus doesnt go that dark, even with repeated applications it doesnt go too dark.


Indigo is extremely permanent in most cases, but for some people it isnt no matter what they do. Buxus tends to fade out to a certain degree. It never fully fades out, but the red does come through eventually.


I believe it is, at least to some degree.

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