Why I won't use henna anymore...

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Why I won't use henna anymore...

I have silvering hair.  Imagine shoulder length hair on George Clooney.  The silver is actually white (or pigment-less) and is lightest on each side of my head and around my face, 50/50 mix at the top of my head, least (thus darkest) on the lower back of my head. 

I had not colored or permed my hair for 10+ years due to sensitivity to chemicals.  Finally I decided to try henna.

I used the Celebration henna and liked it at first.  The problem is that the silver hair looks orange, no matter what and oxidises to a slightly darker orange.  My hair grows fast so the silver requires constant re-treatment.  The darker hair at the back and longer hair that has been on my head for a few years, oxidised to brown.   

So here is the picture.  After 3 henna treatments I stopped two months ago.  I hate the orange so I just stopped.  I have slightly more than a inch of grey/silver roots, orange next then brown, down to my shoulders.  I look kind of like a calico cat.

There is no way to remove the henna according to the henna forums thus I'm stuck with this for a long while.   As my natural hair color is transitioning consistantly over time I will eventually be totally white as are my Grandmother and Mother.

Henna on white hair is orange. 

Be warned.

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Re: Why I won't use henna anymore...

Not necessarily true, My hair is almost completely white/silver at the dised of my head and the crown. When I used Celebration the first time with 1 1/2 inch roots, my roots were orange, that it true. I have since achieved a lovely dark red on my white hair. Here is a recent pic. The first 6 inces or so have been colored with nothing but henna so it is henna on white/silver hait. Maybe if you kept at it, you might get past the orange! I use apple juice to mix then freeze my paste to boost dye release and leave on for 4-5 hours.www.facebook.com/photo.php You can also go back to the album and see different stages from the begining to now.

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Re: Why I won't use henna anymore...

If you choose to go silver, more power to you! Silver/white hair is beautiful. Salt-and-pepper is lovely too.

Just in case others are reading and wondering if orange or the deep red Angie has is their only option with plant dyes ... it's not so.

With cassia alone, you can get light golden blonde

With cassia and tiny amounts of henna and indigo (or henna and buxus), you can get honey blonde or medium neutral to ash blonde, depending on the ratio. Increasing the amount of henna/indigo or henna/buxus, you can get light warm brown.

With cassia and a small amount of henna, you can get a light or bright strawberry blonde.

With henna and buxus you can get medium cinnamon brown.

With henna and indigo you can get medium to dark warm brown.

With henna, indigo and amla you can get very dark cool brown.

The lighter the color you choose, the longer you can go between roots touchups. With a darker color, you'll probably need to stay on top of it every 2-3 weeks, at least around the hairline or the part.

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Re: Why I won't use henna anymore...

 If you are only beginning to grow a few grays and are hennaing to a color you like and of course with every touch up adding a darker color, would that mean you don't have to go through that orangy phase as more grays grow in? 

I don't know if its true but I've read somewhere on the www that repeated henna stops thwarts gray hair growth but there is a lot of disinformation out there so...


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Re: Why I won't use henna anymore...

Sorry to hear of your disappointment. You are correct in that henna on gray will give you red-orange.  That's simply the color henna is.  You have to mix it with other plant dyes to achieve any other shade. 

For example, I have a lot of grays and use Celebration plus indigo to get a dark chocolate brown.  My friend, who is about 75% gray uses 60% indigo and 40% henna and gets a gorgeous warm brown.  My mom, (almost 100% gray) gets reddish-auburn brown by combining henna-amla and buxus.  Another friend, who has pure white temples, does henna followed by indigo and gets black.  I think if you were to try adding even a little buxus or indigo to your Celebration, you'd probably like the results much more than the "orange" you now loathe. 

As for upkeep:  My mom colors her roots every 3-4 weeks, and the rest of us touch up every 4-6 weeks.  That's the same frequency we used to color when we all were doing synthetic dyes. 

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Re: Why I won't use henna anymore...

I, also, have to add that I use henna + indigo on my husband who has quite a bit of gray.  And, he gets brown/black results.  For myself, I don't have a lot of gray, but, a little and use straight henna.  And, I leave the mix on overnight and get deep auburn results.

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Henna on white hair is not orange, and Henna does NOT dry my 4c

Hello and thanks for your post. I just turned 40 but have WHITE hair and it's coming in quite aggressively for my age due to genetics. I will say that my FAVORITE henna from mehandi.com is the rajasthani henna. I purchased celebration and have it on my hair as we speak. My guess is that there is something going on with your mix that doesn't allow your har to get the beautiful deep red/burgundy that I achieve. My process with the rajasthani henna was as follows: mix henna with lemon juice (not from concentrate) and let sit outside in a freezer bag uncovered overnight. Usually, I will do this on a Thursday evening to apply Friday evening. The consistency varies with the amount of lemon juice I have on hand, but overall, it's between yogurt and mashed potatoes. Occasionally, I add ground cloves which deepen the color even more, but are difficult to rinse from black hair though I love the results. When I get home, I use a hair dye applicator (brush on one end, parting tail on the other) to separate my hair and apply the henna right on the scalp. I typically apply liberally, then wrap in saran or plastic bag. I tie my hair with a scarf or cover with a swim cap. I do this around 9pm and rinse my henna when I get up to shower in the morning (or afternoon - it IS Saturday afterall) The more henna I add, the richer my results. I will try to post a link that shows my hair at the root and ends - hopefully that will help. Keep in mind that this is my first application of celebration to my roots, and I used a combo of lemon and grapefruit juice (I've never added water to my mix and my hair and scalp do not dry out unless I haven't rinsed it out completely. Also,  I do apply conditioner to my hair after and let it sit about an hour or so. I then apply Healthy Hair butter and seal with hair balm/coconut oil or coconut grease to maintain a bit of shine - difficult for 4c hair. You should know that I am 2.5 years natural and only conditioner wash my hair. Shampoos are too harsh and I'm allergic to commercial hair dye.

Anyway, good luck and try tweaking your mix a bit. I bet you'll get great results!

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