luv my color!

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luv my color!

Hi everyone,

okay i messaged earlier during the week when i colored my hair with henna for the 1st time. i used one of your ancient sunrise kits in sunshine(2 parts cassia,1 part henna =300g). i was worried bc the color was a little to orange at first , but 4 days later after oxidation, IT'S APSOULTLY LOVELY!!!! now all the women in my family want to color their hair with henna! lol. so my next question is how do i keep up with the color?

do i use the same combo all over again or do i use a gloss? also my roots were alittle darker before doing the henna, they look natural with my hair but i would like them alittle more "blended" in with the rest of my color.

(my color is between strawberry blonde and copper, the roots are a light aurburn)

i would like to go alittle darker over time my dream red hair is the color kate winslets was on titanic.

How would i do that ? i have some PP henna and ive heard great things about that should i use that? and if so in paste or in gloss?

  • also my mother wants to color her hair bc she has spent so much money trying to color her greys,with no results ( shes about 25% grey). she wants her color a golden honey blond color that she has now.

i want to try a gloss with BAQ2 that i have. im thinking 2tsp in 1 cup conditioner. will this give me the golden honey color, should i use a henna paste or poweder in the conditioner, and how long should i leave this on her hair i want to make sure the greys are completely covered.

okay sorry about all the questions. oh and carrie thank you so much for answering all my questions last time.


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Re: luv my color!

To go from a light color to the Titanic color I'd use a full strength treatment, not a gloss. PP would be fine.

For your mother, do several strand tests and let them sit a week before deciding. The recipes you mention (one with paste, one with powder), and also one with less henna than that. Or use a cassia/henna mix ... using cassia instead of conditioner. You could also do tests for varying lengths of application time, 1 to 3 hours.

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