Cassia after henna?

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Cassia after henna?

 I just hennaed my hair (and subsequently my beard and eyebrows) last night with Celebration. It's my 1st time coloring my hair ever.

It has already darkend into a nice red-wine color after about 24hrs. Curious to see how dark it will get. Very pleased, although not sure if I prefer it over my natural hair color (a light smoky brown/strawberry blonde), at least not yet. I do enjoy the state it left my hair conditioning-wise and I did enjoy the cool mud feeling on my scalp. So that was fun!

I'm curious as to what cassia will likely do to the color after the fact. I understand that it won't really be visible, but will it affect the lighter shades at all? Maybe giving it a bit of golden highlight?

Any ideas?


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Re: Cassia after henna?

 If you would have done the cassia first you may have seen a little bit of a golden highlight. Now that you've got a wine red going on, I wouldn't expect to see any color change from cassia.

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