Cassia + oil and heat

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Cassia + oil and heat

Hi everyone,

I have a pound of cassia that I want to use just as a conditioner, but I really want to be sure it won't add color to my hair, which is naturally a very pale strawberry blond, which I've hennaed to a coppery orange color. I know that to use cassia just as a conditioner with no dye release you're supposed to mix it with warm water and nothing acidic. But...what if I added it to coconut oil and sat under my heat cap for two hours as a deep conditioning treatment? I'm worried that the heat would cause dye release even without any acids in the mix. I don't want to add any yellow to my hair, which is naturally light, and is still a light shade even though I've used henna to make it coppery orange. I know cassia won't add color to dark hair, but what about to light hair, when used without acids but with 2 hours of steady heat?

Thanks so much for any info you might have to offer!




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Re: Cassia + oil and heat

Unless your hair is gray to platinum blond, its not going to change your color. Cassia's dye is too weak to drastically change even gray hair and plant dyes cannot lighten.



Also, a large amount of oil inhibits dye uptake, so depending how much other stuff was in your mix, you probably barely had any dye uptake at all.

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Re: Cassia + oil and heat

I haven't tried it but I would guess heat could accelerate dye release from the cassia. Please do a strand test before you do your whole head;  this time of year we seem to be hearing from more folks with mineral buildup from their shower water creating brown color results with cassia! 

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