Does any kind of oil remove henna from hair

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Does any kind of oil remove henna from hair

 I understand that mineral oil removes henna from hair.  I'm curious if this is true for oils such as coconut or olive oil etc. If I use coconut oil in  my hair and then shampoo will it wash out the henna I had used a few days ago?  I'm trying to avoid stripping henna from my hair, not actually trying to remove it. 


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Re: Does any kind of oil remove henna from hair

Mineral oil does not remove henna from hair. I know it's been repeated all over the internet that mineral oil and rubbing alcohol will do it, but I tried it (and so have many others) and it's not so. Doesn't do a darn thing.

Many people use all kinds of fixed oils like coconut, olive, camellia, etc on hennaed hair for conditioning purposes on a regular basis - even daily! and it doesn't remove henna at all.

There really is not anything that will strip henna from hair, in most cases (although you can lighten the hair with bleach or other methods). You can remove a little bit of henna with repeated applications of yogurt/amla packs, or with baking soda/shampoo soaks, or with dandruff shampoo or Prell, or (in some reports) Suave Professionals shampoo ... but only a little.


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