Kate Middleton's sheer dress up for auction

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Kate Middleton's sheer dress up for auction

I was really interested in the commentary about this from Robin Givhan:


She says: 'What distinguishes Middleton’s dress (and that term is being used loosely here) is its lack of seductive finesse. It’s a look-at-me, sexual shout-out, reflecting both the youth of the wearer—Middleton is now 29—and the culture of its times. It resembles the sort of going-out garb young women weaned on Sex and the City might choose. It recalls Carrie Bradshaw’s blurring of the lines between high fashion, low style, and kooky costume: a cultural moment when bra straps were accessories, tutus became skirts, and a pair of knit knickers were perfectly acceptable “pants” for a night trawling the clubs.'

I don't think she would wear it now!

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Re: Kate Middleton's sheer dress up for auction

For me it seems - the closer she gets to the royal family, the more she melts. She is so think already it almost sad to see...
Joke about the part of a woman body between hips and breasts is actually called waste but written weirdly has a point here. Not that much waste but... like a real ant.

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