Henna on sheep skin

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Henna on sheep skin

 I have a rather large piece of sheep skin that I'm going to henna. Anyone have any tips? Sugar in the paste? Terps? How long should I leave the paste on? How should I take it off?

I'd love to hear anyone's experiences!

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Re: Henna on sheep skin

I tried it on a bit of rabbit skin.  Used my regular mix, but the sugar made it really hard to take the henna off because the skin was so soft.  Next time I'll either reduce or leave out the sugar.  I didn't notice any bleeding (like you get on fabric) from the terps.  The skin was kind of like working with a soft drum head.  It stained immediately, but I left it on for a few days before attempting to take it off.  I scraped it (with the grain of the skin) with a credit card edge to get it off.  I know that Wendy Rover did henna on a rabbit skin also, with great results.  Not sure what mix she used, but there is a picture of it here:  www.facebook.com/home.php.

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