allergy to henna

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allergy to henna


I have been using henna on my hair for years now.  I have an itching all over my body and my head.  I do not remember if it started before or after using henna.  my doctors says it is just dry skin but I have my doubts. I know henna is suppose to be good for dandruff, yet I have a lot of it. my head seems to itch more when I first use the henna and my hair is not as silky as when I first started using it.  can I be allergic to it.  any suggestions on getting rid of the itchies and also making my hair soft again when using the henna.  I use the henna with lemon or henna with alma depending on what I have.

Any help is greatly appreciated


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Re: allergy to henna

 Every now and again there are people who are allergic to henna. The symtoms are usually just a little bit of itch or redness that goes away pretty quickly.

It could easily be the lemon though! Lots of people are sensitive to that much acidity or to citrus. Try apple juice or tea next time and see if that doesn't help.

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